Dominating the skyline west of the Gold Coast, Springbrook Plateau’s cool rainforests, fresh mountain streams, eucalypt forests and montane health offer the visitor a contrast to the urbanised lowlands. View impressive landscapes and walk in sub tropical, warm and cool temperate rainforest, open eucalypt rainforest and montane heath. Explore these forest habitats and encounter the diverse wildlife – some are rare, endangered and primitive species.

The 3425ha Springbrook National Park comprises three reserves on and around the plateau: Springbrook Plateau section which extends along the crest of the plateau, Mount Cougal section to the Eat and Natural Bridge section to the West. The National Park preserves rainforest and eucalypt forests in cliff-lined headwaters of rivers and creek flowing into the Gold Coast.

In December 1994, the UNESCO World Heritage Committee officially declared the Central Eastern Rainforest Reserves Australia (CERRA) World Heritage Area over the Scenic Rim (including Springbrook and Lamington National Parks and most of the Main Range and Mount Barney National Parks) and the rainforests of New South Wales.

Springbrook is only 30 minutes drive from the Gold Coast and 90 minutes drive from Brisbane.

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