Walking Tracks in Springbrook

Purling Brook Falls and Gwongorella Picnic Area
There is the option of a 4 or 6km walk in this area, or you could just stroll 300 metres to the lookout.

Purling Brook Falls Circuit (4kms return, 2-3 hrs)
Note: It is easier to walk the track in a clockwise direction. If including the Warringa pool track, which leads downstream from the base of the falls, add another 2 kms and 40 minutes.

Walkers pass through an open eucalypt forest, descending into the gorge to view the falls from below. A steady climb through the forest brings the walker to the picnic area.

Purling Brook Falls Viewpoint (300m)
To see the Purling Brook falls from the top is a 300m walk from the carpark to the viewpoint.

Twin Falls Circuit (4kms return, 1.5-2 hrs)
Commence this walk from Tallanbana Picnic Area or Canyon Lookout. Follow the track in an anti-clockwise direction to take advantage of the interpretive signs, which guide the walker through the different forest types. Pass behind two waterfalls, through the rock clefts and among palms and tree ferns.

Warrie Circuit (17kms return, 5-6hrs)
Commence at Canyon Lookout. The longest and most interesting track on the plateau follows the base of the canyon cliffs to Goomoolahra Falls before descending into the mossy green depths of the rainforest. Several creeks and gullies are encountered and the Aboriginal word Warrie which means ‘rushing water’ is given credence. The track reaches the Meeting of the Waters where all watercourses draining the canyon meet, then climbs up the western side of the gorge.

Take a backpack with food and drink, first aid, camera and binoculars for a memorable day. Average fitness is requires.

Wunburra Lookout (30m return)
Located just off the Gold Coast Springbrook road, Wunburra Lookout has views of Purling Brook Gorge, Mount Cougal and the Little Nerang Dam. The carpark is small and can be crowded on weekends and public holidays. Take care with children, as the busy road is close by. Views from this lookout highlight the geological processes of erosion.

Canyon Lookout (30m return)
Step out of your vehicle and you are there! Take in the suberb views of Twin and Rainbow Falls, the sheer walls of the canyon and the ocean beyond. The spectacular views from Canyon Lookout are a result of millions of years of erosion, landslides and weathering. This is the starting point of the Twin Falls and Warrie Circuits.

Best of All Lookout (600m return, 30mins)
The name of this lookout speaks for itself and is absolutely correct, this really is the best view in Springbrook, right at the end of the road, it is worth the extra drive!
Walk through the ancient Antartic beech forest to a view of Northern New South Wales dominated by Mt Warning – the lava plug centre of the erosion caldera of the extinct Tweed Shield Volcano.

Natural Bridge
Deep in the Numinbah Valley, the lush subtropical rainforest does not immediately disclose the arched cave, rock bridge and plunging waterfall for which the area has become famous. A display stand at the track entrance has maps and information about the park and its wildlife.
Swimming is not encouraged at Natural Bridge to protect its sensitive ecosystem. Nearby Bochow Park and Numinbah Forest are perfect for picnicking. Both feature a creek and are popular swimming spots in summer.

Natural Bridge Circuit (1km return with a long set of stairs, 1hr)
Note: Due to a long set of stairs it is easier to walk this track in a clockwise direction.
A sealed track takes the visitor through the forest, across Cave Creek and into the arched cave to witness the waterfall plunging from above. At night the cave is illuminated by thousands of ‘glow worms’ tiny green lights. They can be seen year round but glow brightest in summer.

Mount Cougal section
This part of Springbrook National Park is accessed from an entirely different road and has no accommodation, this really is a half or full day trip from the Gold Coast.

At the end of Currumbin Valley road, 6kms past Currumbin Rock pools, the twin peaks of Mount Cougal give this area its name. Cascades are a scenic park feature, but do not take risks with them! Several people have died or suffered spinal cord injuries after jumping or diving into the creek.

Cascades Track (1.6km return 1hr)
Walk through the subtropical rainforest beside Currumbin Creek to viewing platforms overlooking the cascades. Follow self guiding signs to the historic sawmill and discover the parks past. The 800m bitumen path has a gradual uphill rise and is suitable for prams and assisted wheelchair access.

Gold Coast Hinterland Great Walk
Due for completion Sept 2007. Check www.epa.qld.gov.au/greatwalks for info to see if completed.

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