Walking Tracks in Kondilla NP

Picnic Creek circuit — 2.4km (Allow 45 minutes to 1 hour) Class 2
This easy, relatively flat walk crosses Picnic Creek (400m from start), passes through tall eucalypt forest with patches of wet sclerophyll forest – a mix of eucalypt and rainforest species. Enjoy views over the valley from a lookout point.

Rock Pools walk — 3.2km return (Allow 1 hour) Class 3
The walk follows Picnic Creek circuit and a track that links the circuit with the Kondalilla Falls circuit. The rock pools are a feature above the waterfall on Skene Creek. View the rainforest valley below. Look for emergent bunya pines with their distinctive symmetrical dome shapes, dense stands of piccabeen palms and intriguing shapes of pink ash, Alphitonia petriei. The walk back up the hill includes over 100 stairs and requires a reasonable fitness level.

Kondalilla Falls circuit — 4.6km ( Allow 1.5–2 hours) Class 3
This track follows the Rock Pools walk to the top of Kondalilla Falls and then continues past the lookout, winding down through the rainforest to the base of the waterfall. Take the opportunity this track provides to explore the valley's features.

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